Guilt trippin’ mummy war

We at Timeless Vie believe one of the easiest ways to get new team members is to guilt-trip new mums who don’t really want to go back to work but have to for $$$.  We learnt this by watching what other MLMs like Forever Living, Younique etc do and we think it’s just a genius idea.  Plus if you’re not home with your kids selling MLM products 100% of the time your kids are totally going to forget you and put you into a shitty old folks home when you’re old.  MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.   Here’s some inspirational quotes from other  MLM Bots!  Remember: GOOD MUMS ARE MLM MUMS! #goodmumsareMLMmums

recruiting, younique, foreverliving, juice plus, etc

What a great Mum RMC International is!

forever living guilt trip, MLM, Younique, pyramid scheme

The perfect pitch for a desperate mum!  way to go Forever Living!  we at Timeless vie hope we’re like you one day 🙂 🙂

forever living, juice plus, younique, MLM, pyramid scheme, timeless vie,

This mum is clearly a better mum than you and loves her babies more than you do! You should totally quit your job and join her team 🙂

forever living, juice plus, younique, MLM, timeless vie, She’s not missing a “mom” ment because of her MLM!  can you honestly say the same?  She’s put her family first, have you???? with your job and your benefits and your perks and your savings and retirement plan..pffft


This little girl really don’t want her mummy to go to a real job.  She wants her mummy to have a pretend one at Forever Living.

Feel guilty? Good.  You should.   Come and join us!


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