‘Tis the season for recruitin’, fa lalalalala, lalalalala

At Timeless Vie, we know one of the most important things we can do as MLM owners is to encourage our people to buy lots and lots of TV products for their own personal use.  It’s great if you have one person in your company doing this, but you know what’s REALLY great?  Having several people doing this.  And even better if they each recruit several more people to do this.  And even BETTERER if they recruit 200 more!!!  That’s a whole bunch of product sold just like that, of which we, as the upline, get a 20% cut, or something.  YEAH.  We be SO RICH.

That’s why at TV we encourage all our people to recruit, recruit, recruit.  Our competitors know this too!  Check out the pics below and get recruitin’, VIEStars (TM)






There’s loads more but, you get the idea.


One thought on “‘Tis the season for recruitin’, fa lalalalala, lalalalala

  1. It’s a beautiful idea. You get your #bossbabes to pay a monthly fee to work for you! And, you make sure that it is in the tiny, tiny, small print of the ‘ittle bit of paper they signed that state you can’t qualify for any promotions unless you spend a certain amount of your own money on products for personal use (1CC’s worth, the other 3CC’s can be from signing up your downline or selling products).

    I much prefer to be paid a regular monthly wage from my employer and not have to shell out a monthly fee to them.


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