Season’s Greetings from Timeless VIE

Christmas is just around the corner and we at TV have some tips for our fellow VIEStars(TM) and MLM-bots!


  1. Use Timeless Vie(TM) Parsley to create your seasonal wreaths!!!  We also have Christmas Banners that you put over your tree/around your house that say TIMELESS VIE.
  2. There are lots of holiday parties this time of year – remember to always have some TV products to sell in your purse!  The other guests will LOVE it!
  3. Even better, order our Timeless Vie holiday t-shirt!!!
  4. Remember:…
    1. You can lie as much as you want about Timeless Vie’s products.  No one really cares and most people just believe you anyway
    2. Christmas is the ideal time for recruiting!  Your aunt, your cousin, your sister-in-law… recruit recruit recruit!!
    3. Remember to go to every party we throw and every event we hold.  YOu gotta spend money to make money!

LOVE YA VIESTARS!!!  xxxxoooo


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