WHEN IS A BOT NOT A BOT? when she/he is a lifestyle coach/ “business owner”/ “stylist” “presenter” etc etc etc

The new latest trend among our MLM competitors is to give their sellers/downlines/victims fancy aspiritional job titles.   Like, “lifestyle coach”, “stylist” etc.   So it seems like they’re really amazing and doing something you want to be part of.


why try and be a real stylist and spend years working your way up the magazine/publishing/film/tv/PR world, making connections,  when you can be one for a 60 quid and a box of jewellery?

fake business owner
they really do own a business. really.


Or be an entrepeneur!  Real business: years of working away, building client base, little reward at the beginning, trying to secure financing, etc versus Forever Living business which even comes with it’s own box of products!  We know which one we’d pick.  The easy one! duh.

Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being an International Business Developer without actually being one?  YOU CAN!!!


International business developer, MLM-stylee
International business developer, MLM-stylee


Younique is truly equal in that anyone, like, anyone can be a presenter.  Sort of like a presenter on television, only not on television.
So, VIEStars, we’d appreciate it if you’d all update ur social media from ” xyz, VIEStar” to something much bigger. DREAM BIG. You use a computer, right? for Instagram and twitter etc? How about “xyz, IT Managing Director, Timeless Vie”???

You can have any job title you want with Timeless Vie, don’t let the haters get ya down hunni’s!



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