How to fake it til you (don’t) make it

We strongly encourage you to look rich and successful.  The key word is “look”.   Our secret motto for our VIEStars is: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT.   Here’s how you do it!  You’re welcome.

*You don’t have to buy things, you can just lease them ie. fancy cars

*Or borrow them.

*Or put them on your credit card.

*You can pretend to be on holiday in exotic places by using stock photos from the internet and saying you’re there.

*You can pretend to buy a house/farm/island etc by doing the same thing.  Most people wont check.

This is the 150% best way to suck people into your team for your MLM Timeless Vie business.  They look at you, and they think: HOW DOES SHE DO IT?? Oh, it must be because she has joined Timeless Vie!  Wow, maybe all those parsley products do sell.. she is COINING it…look, she’s shopping at Boden..and Waitrose…and now she has a new LandRover…she’s posting it on FB/Instagram/Twitter/Google+ it must be real…OMG she’s skiing the Alps…


and the next thing you know, they’ve joined your team and you’re making sweet, sweet mon-ay from their sales.


This is how it’s done, VIEStars(TM)!


This bot has gone on a pretend ski holiday!


so clever! she nabbed the photo from this website!

so clever! she nabbed her photo off a website!

and she’s paid off all her debts!


this bot found her dream home, with a little help from internet stock photos!



this bot is pretending has an all expenses paid holiday…or does she!  SCROLL DOWN



and finally our favourite – fancy shopping bag photo to show how much rich rich richer than you the bot is!!!!

I is a bot and I is sooooo rich
I is a bot and I is sooooo rich

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