BIG NEWS – Timeless Vie parsley is now certified organic and stuff!

So #VIEStars as you know we’ve always got to keep up with our competitors like Herbalife, Forever Living etc cos they are doing so much better than us and we’re wel jel.

One thing Herbalife and Forever Living have that we don’t?  Certified products.  They created the “International Aloe Science Council”, which sounds real serious, and then put that certification on all their products so that it looks like some true independent scientists tested & approved them.  SO FREAKING SMART.   And THEN, guess what they did then:  They made themselves Directors of the Council too!!!!

International Aloe Science – Herbalife and Foreverliving


So here’s our response…introducing…our very own Timeless Vie Parsley Council – Council de Parslai with our very own certification logo!


With this logo, which is going to go on all our products,  you can prove our parsley is more betterer than all other parsleys.  We had scientists check it and everything.  So if anyone says “but what’s so great about Timeless Vie” you can say “Our products are certified by the Parsley Council, and they’re 150% organic and vegan and gluten-free and no bunnies”  and they’ll be well impressed. 






3 thoughts on “BIG NEWS – Timeless Vie parsley is now certified organic and stuff!

  1. Love the post so true how the do the bull shit
    Was in it Forever for 6 years seen it first hand
    Every position in Flp was paid for
    And I have proof in black and white
    Teresa Morgan /Jones got there at the misfortune of others
    Regards a forever victim
    Craig Morgan
    And remember a friend in forever is a friend for life
    Funny not seen them lately

    Liked by 2 people

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