We’re so glad the government doesn’t care

about scams businesses like Forever Living, Younique, Nuskin and Timeless Vie.  We can pretty much do what we want as long as we keep flying under the radar.  So, #VIEStars, when the haters start talking about how this should be illegal, just DELETE-BLOCK them off social media and remember: NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.   The government don’t care about us.

So. great. to have so much freedom.

To make moola moola moola for your upline.


Thanks VIEStars! Remember: we expect you to spend at least 100 pound a month on Timeless products AND don’t forget to post those photos on Instagram!!! Look at what this fab bot did and copy her!


AND also remember:  when the neggy-losers start talking smack, just smile sweetly and remember all the money you’re helping funnel to our amazin Timeless Vie owners who also happen to be Mormon.

Luv ya, huns… stay tuned, exciting times ahead, and a big announcement coming soon! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!



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