How to deal with the haters, #VIEStars – tips from HQ!

Lately there’s been a lot of chat on the interwebz about how MLMs like Timeless Vie are just scams, and some losers hiding behind computer screens are even attacking our #VIEStars with questions like “Do you know the difference between Turnover and profit?” “How much money do you make, after expenses?”  and  “Can you prove extract du parslai helps with Measles?”  & horrible things like that.  It’s very upsetting for you huns, we know, and if you’re upset WE’RE upset.  Here are our tips for dealing with the negative, pea-brained, haterz:

  • Delete and block them off Facebook quickly before anyone else reads what they say

We also know there is a posse of haters on Mumsnet and other places.   We can totally report them and threaten them with legal action and the police on your behalf, just like Forever Living did (We love Forever Living.  We hope we are like them one day).




We pretend like we’ll actually do it, even though we won’t cos we don’t really want the police or the law looking into our ‘business’ too hard – do we #VIEStars?

Just remember #VIEStars – when in doubt, make empty threats!

luv ya huns xo




3 thoughts on “How to deal with the haters, #VIEStars – tips from HQ!

  1. Send them my way…. My training sessions are a complete bargain when you consider that I will completely “retrain” their brain and encourage them to push away doubting loved ones and believe they are capable of the absolutely impossible


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