Remembering the past, looking to the future – Timeless Vie goes GLOBAL!

Once upon a time, a long long time ago,  we were just a small, baby MLM in  Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  We were so cute!!.  We just had a few downlines and one main product: X-Plurge 11, our 3-day-cleanse made from 100% extract du parslai, which happens to be 500x stronger than real parsley, just sayin’.


And then we introduced MasKara, made from 100% real parsley stems.  That blew everyone away cos no one knew parsley stems could actually stick to people’s eyelashes.


Anyway, what an amazing journey it’s been, bringing our parsley shite to the UK.  And now we have so many downlines and products and branded mouse pads and stuff, we just have so much money, you don’t even know.

But we want to be even richer than we are, and own resorts and stuff like Forever Living.

So now…the WORLD!

We looked at Forever Living to see what they were doing, because it’s just easier to copy them.    And here’s what we’ve learned  – even the poorest poorest poor people ever can make money for us.  Even, like,  in places where there’s no clean running water or proper houses or roads or shit like that, there’s still people who could sling parslai for us.  Just like this nice lady who is selling Forever Living in Africa.  This is not exploitation at all.




There’s a lesson in this, #VIEStars.  The lesson is this: no matter how low we go, we can always go lower.   

Now get recruitin’, Africa is like, huge.


luv ya huns xo.



4 thoughts on “Remembering the past, looking to the future – Timeless Vie goes GLOBAL!

  1. You know, I thought I’d seen every nasty acivity that these MLM companies indulge in;

    the continual lies and deceit perpetuated to sign up recruits,

    the shameless exploitation of family/friends in order to make CCs,

    the promotion of shocking medical claims with absolutely no medical basis whatsoever in order to take advantage of vulnerable sick people,

    the encouragement that recruits abandon the very people who care for them merely because they express concern that they are getting involved in the company with no scruples (thus isolating them from their real friends),

    the projection of future financial security that is unobtainable to the vast majority unless AND EVEN IF they lie and receive their downline

    etc, etc.

    But this monstrous fact recently uncovered beggars belief, truly.

    To go to third world countries and exploit the people there who have little or no supporting infrastructure in place to make a living from promoting fl, who have no official rules and regulations in place to protect them from being exploited by pernicious companies who take advantage of their citizens so can make all sorts of wild claims with impunity, safe in the knowledge that they will not be challenged (unlike in the UK, for example).

    Totally disgusted with anyone who does this. Its scraping the barrel and then some.

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