“Looking back they wanted me as vulnerable as possible” Ex-Bot tells all: SECOND IN A SERIES

You’re a new, first-time Mum.  Your hormones are going crazy and you are so, so in love with this little person you’ve given birth to.   Or not – maybe you’re having a really hard time, you have PND, and the adjustment to motherhood is not going well.

Either way,  once you hit maternity leave,  for MLMs you’re a prime target. 

Mum on maternity leave = ideal MLM recruit. 

This is what happened to our informer, Brave Ex-Bot.


“At first I thought she just wanted to keep in contact and see the baby etc – yes I was naive”





“I obviously didn’t get out much in the evenings with a new baby and the thought of having another opportunity to be in adult company, engaging in grown-up business talk was too tempting”





“I thought my life was going to change, after years of leaping from one office job to another I thought I had finally found my calling.”





“If it doesn’t make you cry – it’s not your reason why.”  Remember this.  It’s a standby in the “Network Marketing” world.  And it’s totally manipulative.


“Waking up every morning to find yet another friend had unfriended you on Facebook.”




To be continued.  Much, much more to come.


  1. Poleaxed by that fb photo and accompanying message.

    Then I read the rest of the article… words fail me :(.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you whoever you are for having the courage to talk about your experience the a MLM company, in this case, FL. Because you have taken this step to tell your story, you will save other women from the pain of going through what you did. You will also help those who, like you, got sucked in at a vulnerable time in their lives and were exploited to the full extent by MLM companies. We need others to be as courageous as you were, to come forward and tell their story. We will believe you because our extensive research and personal experience has shown us the true horror of MLM companies. We want everyone to know how dangerous they are, not harmless at all, but poisonous through and through.

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  2. This is horrendously awful. So no maternity leave for Forever Business Owners then? Why oh why was this new Mum being pressured into “working” whilst dealing with a newborn who is being fed through a feeding tube. I am disgusted with a Forever Living and shame on you personally (name removed) for praying on this vulnerable person.

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  3. The photo & written blog are two separate stories but the photo is just an illustrative purpose for this blog post. However let us not ignore the main point is that all MLM companies see pregnant womem and Mums as prized targets.

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