“By now my spending was way over my earnings” Ex-Bot Tells All: THIRD IN A SERIES


The story of our new mother, and ex-bot, continues from here.


By now my spending was way over my earnings.




I would spend hours each night (ignoring my husband) earphones on watching video after video of Eric Worre




After 2 towns and over 4000 envelopes later I had recruited my first team member…great odds right? 😦




A video popped up on my timeline.  A day in the life of Emma Cooper.  She had been a popular lady within the company recently and was seen at many a success day quickly working her way up the ladder.





A video of Emma Cooper can be found here


This put a huge strain on my finances and marriage but still I kept on.  To me, he was my answer and without him I would fail.




Stay tuned.  More to come.



  1. Thank you so much for your next chapter. So upsetting to read your struggles, but grateful that you are telling everyone the harsh reality for the majority of people who become ensnared in an MLM company like FL. It is not like the fairy tale that they like to project, is it. More like a living nightmare.


  2. Very brave of you to share you story. Hopefully this will help others to pause for thought and reconsider whether to continue. And hopefully it will also help many others who have been through similar to realise they should not feel ashamed of what they have done, to realise they have been placed under enormous strain during their time with Forever.

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  3. What happened to you is also happening to an acquaintance of mine I’m sure. She’s always very up and positive about the future and how things can only get better but I haven’t seen any actual changes in her lifestyle and her and her partner seem to be working in their “other” jobs as hard as ever. Thank you for being so honest and telling us the truth behind these awful schemes.

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