Jamberry arrives in the UK – here is our response huns!

OMG huns! There is a tremor in the force – Nail wraps are arriving in the UK!! Even though we already have lots of them.

Yeah yeah yeah we can hear the haters.  “What’s so great about Jamberry? nargle nargle nargle, I can get nail stickers for 1 pound at Claire’s”  in their hater-talk.

Well, we can tell you what’s so great.  It’s an MLM, which means it can exploit help mums stay home and work around their kids 19 hours a day. while making people in the USA RICH RICH RICH!!

And as always, if you are the first joiner you stand to make wadloads of cash from ur downlines!!!  Top of the pyramid is the top money spot, right, babeez?








isn’t it amazing?  We were freaking out, wondering how we were going to counter this new threat to our VIEStars (TM)





So we immediately called our factory in Malaysia and put in an order for our very own Timeless Vie NailArts so we are ready.  We r calling it our VIEStar(TM) Collection, in honour of all our wonderful recruits giving us their money.

BUT – we’re kicking it up a notch cos we see any opportunity as a selling opportunity.  That’s where we’re gonna win over Jamberry.  Cos our VIESTar Collection nails are gonna be like tiny billboards for the whole TV range.

NailArt 1: a subtle green colour with a piece of our organic parslai stuck in the center.  It’s a touch of hawaii if hawaii were a herb.

NailArt 2: our slightly off-centre TV logo on a gorgeous pale background!  Jamberries will be so jelly huns!



And for the grand finale:  NAILART 3

We’re doing a big promotion on X-Purge 11,  so all our VIEStars(TM) can wear X-Purge 11 bottles ON THEIR NAILS.   Imagine the advertising reach in the summer, in open toed shoes!!!!!! So NOW.


luv ya huns xo

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