Inside a Secret Jamberry Facebook Group…pre UK launch

The more we find out about MLMs and the Bots who are their real customers the sadder we feel.  We can’t help but empathize with the Bots, who are after all just ordinary people trying to make their lives better.  We understand their hope for life to change, and their hope to be able to spend more time with their families.

Their hope.

-Maybe THIS time they’ll be successful in an MLM.  They’re in first.

-It’ll be different this time right?

-BUT…Do they invite potential recruits?

-If they invite potential recruits it might create more competition …which is bad

-On the other hand, they need more interest in Jamberry


-Just build relationships! It will all be fine!

-But…there is no guarantee that will pay off

-Because it’s an MLM






One of their issues – Jamberry nailstickers are on Ebay for pennies.




More to come about Jamberry.


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