“She wanted me to put my little girl in nursery” – another new Mum steps forward to tell her story

Nothing gives us the rage quite as much as the way MLMs like Forever Living, Ariix, Juice Plus, Herbalife,  etc target new mothers.   As we have learned,  a lot of MLM recruiting is focused around the idea that you can work from home, 10 hours a week, around your kids and yet make enough money to survive.  We believe this is a lie.

See Recruiting Mums, our previous tell-all How this new Mum was targeted by an MLM, and the video where one of FL’s top recruiters accidently let the truth slip: How not to lie to your recruits

Luckily for us another brave woman has stepped forward to tell her story of just such targeting.  As before, we’ll let her tell her story in her own words.   Thank you so much for stepping forward.




At the beginning I said I didn’t have the 200 pounds (for the starter kit – Timeless Vie).  She told me to put it on my credit card





She would be taking my friends phone numbers and afterwards asking me why I had not shown them ‘the opportunity’




10alisa -moveto5-6alisa



You are not supposed to sell on eBay….When U look on eBay there is stuff cheaper than what I could get in wholesale







We will continue her story over the next week.   Next instalment: the scripts and tricks FL teaches recruits to use to get other people to join.   Also coming up: her FL planner, showing how much time she was expected to spend on her ‘business’ (and not on her baby).


Stay tuned…


















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