#VIEStars….Timeless Vie launches our new product range!!

Huns!  We’re launching a new product range of TVie branded shite stuff for you to buy.  It’s our beautiful pigeon design splattered across whatever we could think of, and then marked up 400% !  SO GREAT.

TRUE #VIEStars will have all of it in their homes. ALL OF IT.

Huns, when u join Timeless Vie, u join a family.  A real family, better than your old hater family that doesn’t understand how great it is to be in an MLM.   A family that has the same values as you.  It’s like how in some places gangs wear certain clothes and stuff so they know which gang they belong to?  Well it’s kinda like that for us.  It’s how we know who belongs with us. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Timeless Vie pillow: only 45 pounds for our VIEstars!  Made of some kind of fabric.  Put it on all your couches and chairs!



Our fab TVie skirt – in 150% easy-care polyester.   Only 158 pound.  Great for mindset training, baby group-recruiting, and selfies.




And finally….sleep and dream of TVie with our duvet cover.  U should be eating, sleeping and breathing the parslai, huns.  Only 250 pounds.  Nylon shell.



More products to come….

p.s. U better not put any of it on eBay #VIEStars.

p.s. U better not buy any of it cheap on eBay either.


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