Want to pay £600 a year for nail stickers? Jamberry is looking for recruits!

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Let’s look at that again. She said  NO MANDATORY MONTHLY SALES GOALS, huns!!



But wait…..


Oh, okay, we get it.  Only lazy people will have to pay to rejoin so they can flog nailstickers.  Except, as we know, succeeding in an MLM has nothing to do with how hard you work.   Also read this post from Bot Watch, and this.

What our new recruits will probably do is just buy products themselves so they maintain their “status” in Jamberry.

And then, to try and get their money back, they’ll flog their unused product on eBay.

Or on Facebook.  Try a search for “Jamberry de-stash”.

Don’t do it huns.  There are a million better ways to spend £600.





  1. I feel so bad for you that you have no idea what you’re talking about. You have taken 2 different posts and blow them WAY out of proportion! Good job on using your journaling techniques to make the reader believe what you want them to believe. That’s not a very ethical approach to getting your poor across! Thanks for your opinion BUT that’s all it is, your opinion!


    • What’s inaccurate in what we posted? All information comes from Jamberry or Jamberry recruiters. We just joined the dots to people can make a decision based on all the information available, instead of having it hidden. What could possibly be wrong with that? oh, except it might put a lot of people off…which means less people to recruit…which means less $$$ for you right?


  2. ps. shitloads off Jamberry nail shite on Ebay etc. Check it out. Why are so many trying to offload if it’s such an easy sell?


  3. I don’t understand your comment “feeling sorry for you!”….are you saying there isn’t a requirement to sell £600 worth of nailstickers each year? If so why were new recruits being told that there is????


  4. Also, another thing I found out is that Jamberry charge you a monthly website fee! But recruiteres fail to tell you that until after you have joined.


    • Hi Jay, thanks for posting. That’s not surprising – we’ve heard that a lot from other victims of MLMs too. Would you be willing to share your story anonymously on the blog? timelessvie@gmail.com We’d love to haer from you


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