UPDATE: ‘Be in a hurry…get off the phone’…how to manipulate people, MLM stylee

You’re sitting at baby group with your 6 month old, feeling a bit lonely, when someone approaches you with a baby in a sling.  

She smiles at you and you smile back, glad to make contact with another mum who seems to be friendly.  “I hope you don’t mind me approaching you”.  she says.  “I just love that outfit you’re wearing.  Where did you get it?”   You tell her and before you know it you’re chatting away.  She seems so genuinely interested in you and your baby.   You agree to have her call you the next day.  It’s going to be so great to get to know another mum in the same stage of life.

What you don’t know is that the whole thing was scripted, from beginning to end.   Her approach, the compliment she gave you, everything.  You are just the latest prospect for this MLM recruiter.  She’s building her downline and she needs more people like you to join.

One of the reasons we started looking into MLMs more closely was because we kept hearing stories like the one above from women unhappy about being targeted.  Now, thanks to our newest informer,  we have proof that Bots are taught these techniques as part of the strategy for MLMs like Forever Living to grow.





Remember Eric Worre? Another ex-bot talked about him here.


 I was told so many lies and was told to lie a lot






She counted how many numbers I had and told me to contact them






Our informer was promised she could work around her child, but found that in reality, she was expected to work more than full-time hours.




Below is a screenshot of her actual planner.  Green & blue coloured hours = time to be spent working on her business and prospecting in baby groups.





More scripts.










Part of the reason we’re posting this is to warn women they may be being targeted in baby groups and in NCT groups by MLM recruiters.    We will be dealing with the issue of NCT and the infiltration of MLMs in later posts, as we think it’s a problem that badly needs to be brought to light.

If you or anyone you know has any information you’d like to share with us about this kind of recruiting at NCT,  please either DM us on Twitter, message us on Facebook or email us at timelessvie@gmail.com

UPDATE: our informer just send us this little gem she spotted in her newsfeed:




As we know, the claims in this advertisement are what sucked in our 2 informers, but then they discovered that the claims were not true.

Be wary, huns.



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