“Now I see it’s like brainwashing” – final thoughts from our informer




Here’s a video about Emma Cooper we made

Also, read this, and this, and and this.

There was intense pressure put on our informer to go to every “Success” event.   Normally, the bot is expected to pay for tickets to the event, the cost of petrol, acommodation etc. etc. etc.  We suspect that these events are another source of income for the MLMs.




The screenshot below was sent to us by another member of an FB group.




Let’s look at that again:




Her business didn’t move not because she wasn’t working hard enough (she was), and not because there were too many other people flogging the same shite  products in her area (there were), or because no one wanted to buy the her stuff cos they could get something similar at Holland & Barrett for 50p (they can)…


It’s cos her mindset wasn’t right, see?

Interesting isn’t it.

How they convince you it’s all up to what’s in your ‘mind’.

And the only cure for your mindset? Go to EVERY BP, every “success” meeting, every (insert name of random event they put on and say you have to go here), read every book, watch every DVD….

Therefore, if you fail at making Diamond Manager= your mind did it to you cos you didn’t go to enough events that you must pay for.

Interesting and very, very clever.

More on “mindset” training and how it is misused & abused  by MLMs to come.  Keep checking huns! xo xoxo

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