It ain’t no party for Ann Summers’ recruits

#VIEStars we have a new informer, this time from Ann Summers.   For those who don’t know, Ann Summers sells sex toys and cute lingerie via parties.  Think Tupperware for dildos.


It was promoted as being suitable to do around family life, you did as many parties as you wanted/were able to do, no pressure, etc.





Ann Summers facebook party ad



We had to sell old kit off to use money to buy new kit.  But some old kit didn’t sell.  And then we had to use our own money to buy new kit.  Pressure mounted and mounted.





Thanks for sharing your story and stepping forward, Ann Summers recruit.  We’re really glad you are out now and didn’t lose too much money.   Your story  is yet another example of how insidious MLMs are.


If you want to share your own story about an MLM, please do contact us.  Maybe you were caught up in an MLM or perhaps you saw a good friend or family member get taken in.   Email us, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.  We are also now on Instagram


Luv ya huns xo xo xo




  1. Hi Craig Morgan here Have lots of info about Flp of you are interested Be great if we could do a phone chat due to being dyslexic And I have no problem putting my name to it Regards Craig Love what your doing

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