Timeless Vie ♥ Love Mail


Here’s a small selection of the #lovemail we’ve been getting since we started Timeless Vie, our imaginary fab and amazing fake MLM.   Read and weep, haterz! 😉













5. lovemail5


To our #VIEStars – thanks for all your support.  We could not do it without you, and your bravery in coming forward with your stories, your tips, and your ideas.   What you are doing IS making a difference.   Every person who steps forward to talk gives courage to another.   Every person who likes our page or shares our blog or follows us on Twitter increases our reach to other possible victims of MLMs.

We couldn’t include all the #lovemail because much of it has personal details that we won’t share.   We know, cos you tell us, that many of you aren’t able to like our page for fear of upsetting friends or family in an MLM.  We understand.  Everyone does what they can.  xo xo.

We think you all rock.  Thank you.

ps.  free X-Purge 11, our best-selling imaginary 3-day cleanse, to all of you.


pps.  just kidding.


pps.  we agree MLMs should be illegal.


luv ya huns xo xo.




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