Lock up your friends, family & downline, huns – ARIIX is coming to the UK


and they want to recruit u and everyone around u to make soooo much dollars.

Firstly, here’s a tiny ONE MINUTE documentary we made about Ariix:



We love how into using math to create pyramids Ariix is.  LOVE IT.

We at Timeless Vie have  also heard on the MLM-vine that the arrival of Ariix is causing a ruckus among our friends,  in particular our BFF Forever Living.   We made an extremely short feature film about this below – it’s like 42 seconds.



Oh the drama, huns!!!

So, here’s what you need to know about Ariix in a list.

  1. You should probably warn everyone you know cos they are going to be recruitin’ hard, huns.  The reason?  MLMers believe the company is about to hit ‘momentum’ which = everyone joining up to Ariix and redirecting their spending to Ariix which =  lots of people at the bottom of the pyramid which = MONEY FOR THE UPLINE.    We suspect this is why people are bailing on Forever Living etc – they want to get in before momentum hits.  It’s all about the money, huns.





More on momentum:




and more:





2.  They don’t have just 1 product line, they have SIX.  None of the products are called Ariix.


3.  All of the product names have double ii’s in them except one, Jouve, which has an ecute on the final ‘e’ to make it sound frenchier??


4.  Like all MLMs, you can buy their stuff on E-bay.






Stay tuned, #VIEStars.  More to come on Ariix.



p.s  Can you believe this stuff is legal?

Neither can we, babes.  Neither can we.





One thought on “Lock up your friends, family & downline, huns – ARIIX is coming to the UK

  1. I can’t wait for all the people who “Really believe” in the Forever Living products and think “cost doesn’t matter when you’re talking about your health” suddenly start spewing the same bs about Ariix. Their pricelist is unbelievable, time to take out that second mortgage on your castle/barn/(council house) to pay for their products!


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