So, this site called XOVAIN had this blog up about how greaaaaaat MLMs are…here is our response

A few days ago someone we know brought our attention to this post:

Post from XOVAIN

and it gave us The Rage.

We know we can’t change this blogger’s mind and we’re not even going to try.  What we ARE going to do is respond to her post, point by point.   Cos we can and someone needs to, though we see a lot of great comments in the comment section under her post (awesome work, guys!).

Anyway – here we go – our response…all the excerpts from her post are in bold.


 Selling things online using Facebook as your platform is essentially signing your name to the stuff you’re selling. It means alienating a lot of people and probably losing a lot of friends.


Maybe that’s a clue that what you’re doing is a BAD IDEA?


So why not buy from your friends instead of buying from a store? Or at the very least, why not hear them out?


US: Because it’s an MLM and because the products are by and large, overpriced and average quality, and anyway, it’s not about the products it’s really about redirecting spending.   

and  the importance of recruiting and “team” building.    And also, did we mention the products aren’t great?


It doesn’t take any extra time or effort for you to give a thumbs-up (or hit that new “love” reaction button if you want to be a real small-business supporter!) the next time you see your friend’s business post and open your friends list up to seeing it.


  1. We don’t support your MLM because we think it is exploiting you and we’re afraid if we like it you’ll start bugging the shit out of us.
  2. We don’t want you to possibly also bug our friends. No, thanks.
  3. What you are doing is not a business, not matter what your upline tells you.  YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER.


My community of network marketers are busy on breaks at work and after work, coming home to do more work.


If you are trying to sell us on your MLM lifestyle this is not helping.


And not only are they doing it, but they’re doing it all by themselves; there’s no boss to follow up and make sure you’re doing the job (or even just doing it right).


This is bullshit.  We hear very differently from our ex-bots.  Read this. and this.


Have you ever posted your Sephora haul on Instagram? You know you paid big money for that VIB Rouge status, so what are you really getting out of it other than that beautiful face and that hole in your pocket?


Not being swindled by an MLM.  We feel pretty good about that.


Are a few free samples really enough of a return on that investment?


Um, it’s makeup.   If you think makeup is an investment in anything other than feeling good, there’s an issue.  Also read this blog.


The only difference between you gushing to your Facebook friends about that cute bag you just scored on sale at Target and me sharing how a line of supplements has changed my life is that I’m getting paid to tell you about how much I love my supplements, and all you have to show for your brag is a cute bag.


Right. You’re getting paid (allegedly, we are skeptical).  Read this.   You have a vested interest in flogging your product.  We don’t.  YOU REALLY DON’T SEE THE ISSUE HERE?????


Basically, don’t just shut your friends down. Be a smart consumer. Do your homework on a product before rolling your eyes and unfriending your second cousin from Louisiana.


No one wants to shut their friend down, but due to the nature of MLMs they have to be wary.   As for doing homework on a product (or company).  We have.  That’s how we ended up starting Timeless Vie, cos we started to realise how dark the whole MLM thing really was.  Our advice is: be very careful with friends like this author.  She may not realise it, but she appears to have been mindset-trained to fuck.   It is sad 😦


Another good one lost.

We’re lighting a tealight.



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