Stop being so mean to us, say MLM lawyers to Mumsnet.

This happened today:



What’s most interesting to us is how they are taking the ‘defamation, harrassment and hate speech” angle not the “how dare you call us a pyramid scheme” angle or ” how dare you point out we lie about the health claims of our products” angle.

Interesting, eh?

This technique may well be deliberate.  If they can’t shut down free speech about the things that are true, then they’ll try and go after people by claiming they are harrassing individuals, defaming them, etc.  It’s all just an attempt to shut discussion down and censor it. 

Note: we are not interested in targeting individuals in MLMs, rather using social media posts by  MLM-bots to show how MLMs decieve etc etc.

Read the threads for yourselves to see if you think it’s ‘hate speech’ ‘harrassment’ and ‘defamation’.  Everything posted on the threads is in the public domain.  (for those who don’t know, you can find the threads in the MN “Money Matters” forum).  We think the MLM industry is getting scared.   Everyone reading this blog needs to understand this: they do not care.  They will do what it takes to keep their industry free of regulation and investigation.  We expect there will be more threats, legal and otherwise.  We promise to keep you updated.

So, if you support us, here’s what you can do:

Download our videos and share them.  Put them on YT, wherever.  Share the links.

Share and download our posts and the posts from Bot Watch.

Take screenshots of any dubious claims by MLMs, any inappropriate behaviour, etc.  Collect evidence.  Send it to us or Bot Watch.

See MLM recruitment or health claims that are BS?  Report them here.

Go and say hello to David Brears here.

He’s been blogging about the issues with MLMs for years to try and protect the UK public.

The truth is, there’s a tremendous power ordinary people have when they get together and decide to fight back.    Every single one of you has the power to change this, even with the smallest action.  We’re proud to have you as part of the MLM Resistance.

Let’s keep pushing.

luv ya huns xx



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