Detox your armpits and stop The Breast Cancer says this Bot.

Someone emailed this to us:



Listen, haterz.  We know what ur thinking.  Ur thinking but that’s not science blah blah blah de blah blah.  And that’s not true blah blah blah/boringnerdsciencetalk/facts.

Whatever.  We in MLM got no time for your factiness.  We’ve got targets to hit and downlines to recruit on Facebook.

Also, we really like the idea of leaching the cancer out of our funbags by cleaning our pits.  That seems really easy & magical.  Clean ur pits, detox ur tits.   That could be a great line for our next TV ad campaign!  OMG HUNS.

Cept, parsley does it better, right?

Wow, we love being an MLM.  We can pretty much make up any health shite we want to sell our products and no one cares.  SO AWESOMEEEEE.

#MLM #flyingundertheradar #ifanyonecatchesuswejustblameourdownlines



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