UPDATED: Sneaky Bot Recruitment tactics, collected just for you!

You’re welcome.

  1. NU-Skin bot offers her friend a chance for a 45% discount!








Except she forgot to mention the bit where she signed up her friend, without her permission, as a new ‘business owner’ to Nu-Skin.


2. Bot pretends she works for an “agency” that “tests beauty products”.




3. Bot changes someone’s employment history on Facebook.





4. Bot hands out samples to nurses at the hospital where she is a patient.






5. These following 2 screenshots are from an actual Juice+ recruiting script.  Reeling them in, babes!






More to come, huns! xo

UPDATED:  a supporter just sent us this – bots adding people to FB groups without asking permission.   Including other bots.  Who don’t like it….




And here are the comments:






A few things –

*Women are forced into these tactics due to the pressure to recruit

*A pressure that is compounded by the fact they have to compete against ALL THE OTHER BOTS DOING THE SAME THING and selling the same MLM products (But it’s my own business!  No, it’s not.  You are being played.  STOP).

*”Skilled” network marketers tend to be the most skilled at: being photogenic, being charismatic, and being good at manipulating people into joining their team.   They are good at ‘attraction marketing’ because they are attractive and they have the resources to buy the blingy-shite so that everyone wants to be like them.   Think about it.  How many unattractive  people do you see at the top of these pyramids????

There is so much evidence of this out there we could go on and on posting screenshots for DAYS , huns.

Final thought: hang in there with your friend-turned-Bot.  IF they finally come to their senses, they’ll really need you, especially as they’ll most likely have been kicked out of their Bot “friendship” group.   When you do talk to them before they leave, try and bring their mind back to when you used to hang out together, having fun.  Remind them of their dreams before they were sucked into their MLM.  Don’t criticise their MLM, whatever you do.  It’ll just drive them deeper.

luv ya huns xo  We’re gonna get there, we really are.




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