“I wish I had quit while I was ahead too! Would of saved years of my life that I can never get back!” An ex-Forever Living Manager tells her story, PART ONE.


Today we’re introducing you to our newest informer, a brave ex-Forever Living manager who has now left.  Her story is fascinating because she had reached one of the higher levels in Forever Living  and life, for her,  was supposed to be soooo much better than Bots at the lower levels.  And yet…..




Having children meant I wanted to work at home and be with them and this is what Forever promised me




 I was told for months and months that I had to ‘work on my mindset’ ‘watch the secret and believe in the law of attraction’




 …it became very clear there was only one person earning the good money, as she would freely post it in a team chat page for everyone to see!




I along with many others invested in Success Days which are recognition days at about £25 per ticket which now just has risen to £35 for a day ticket….




As time went on I climbed up the ladder as such getting promoted to the “Manager” position




The constant rejection from people gets quite hurtful and I found that I had got myself to this ‘prestigious position’ & that was it, nothing happened, nothing changed




As a Manager we had lots of training and were expected to be 4CC active by at least 2 weeks into the month




Let’s talk about the hidden costs that no one mentions when joining Forever Living




TOMORROW: Part Two to come.  Our informer decides to leave Forever Living, but she soon learns who her true friends are…and we learn more about how much a Forever Living Manager is actually paid…and of some unethical practices by her upline.

Stay tuned huns ! xo



  1. Hi Craig here Just got 1300 pages related to Flp scam And proof of people buying positions signing people up without there promotion

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  2. Thank you, ex-FL rep, for telling your story. I am so sad to read your experience as it mirrors others’ experiences we have been told. That you have now been brave enough to talk about it publically (and I know how hard that must have been for you) means that others will be saved from making the same mistake. Thank you again.


  3. i thought the picture of the lady on the luxary jet was funny…what’s with that one boobie practically popping out of her top?


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