Our Demands.

    1. MLMs be made illegal because they are pyramid schemes with products.

    2. If they aren’t made illegal, we demand:


⊕Every MLM be legally required to publish their churn rate i.e. how many people drop out of the MLM per 12 months and how much money they made, LESS expenses,during that time.  Big font, home page of website, something like “90% of participants leave (insert name here) within 12 months having lost (insert amount here)”.  WE KNOW IT GOES ON.



⊕Every MLM be legally required to publish the typical earnings of particpants per annum in the country that they are operating in.    In ginormous, 70-pt font on the Home page of their website so people know what they are actually signing up for.  None of this hiding it in ittle bittle font in a densely written document on page 20.  Right up front.  Nice and clear.



⊕Every MLM be legally required to publish how much money a participant has to spend to stay active with the MLM over that same year, in 70-pt font on the Home page of their website.   We all know there is a certain amount of money that needs to be spent in an MLM to maintain your status.  Let’s see it, front and centre.  Why hide it?



⊕Every MLM be legally required to divulge training, success day, conference, website hire, etc etc expectations and how much each:

  • costs
  • what is covered by the MLM, and what is expected to be covered by the participant in the MLM



⊕Every MLM be legally required to state on their website how many hours per week a participant would have to work to make a high enough income to live on. (Around 100 isn’t it?  be honest now).


⊕Every MLM be legally required to list prices for all their products on their website in actual currency of the country they are operating in.   This website should be accessible to the public.



Every MLM be legally required to state that the real money is made from recruiting people, as per their compensation plans,  not really selling products.    This should be on the home page of their website in BIG ASS FONT.



⊕Every MLM require their participants to state which MLM they are recruiting for when prospecting on social media.  Any failure to do so would lead to prosecution of the MLM. No more coy “I’ll DM you hun”.  Just bloody tell us for the love of nancy.



MLMs to be held legally responsible for any claims made by their ‘business owners’



Governments  regulate MLMs with impartial  statutory organisations.   These organisations would have wide powers to investigate MLMs, and fine and prosecute people within them who break the law.   None of this ‘industry self-regulation’ nonsense.  ‘Direct Sales Associations’ are just rubber stamping bodies for the MLM industry.  MLMs love to throw around the “ooh we be part of the DSA, we be ethical” line but by and large, it’s meaningless.



People who have lost money to an MLM get their money back.  Every. Single. Penny.  No matter what country they are in.  This is a big one for us. 







MLMs and their adherents keep claiming they have nothing to hide and that ‘people don’t understand network marketing’.  Well, then.  Now’s your chance to be super transparent and clear.

We’re waiting.






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