(Yo)Unique among MLMs? Not so much.


As it turns out, YOunique kinda sucks.













Younique “Presenters” are bailing to Ann Summers you say?  Uh oh.









Oh sure, Younique is about empowering women.  Read this.  If refusing to divulge your typical participant earnings , so that women can make a decision with ALL the facts,  can be called empowering…. story to come.






Upline issues?  We’ve heard a lot about those, and not just from Younique bots either.  Read this.

Or this.






As we’ve read in other Ex-Bot stories, e-Bay is a constant scourge and source of stress to MLM Bots.  MLMs like to claim the products on e-Bay are ‘fakes’ but we hear very differently from our sources in Bot-Land.   According to them,  e-Bay is a dumping ground for unsold product,  a place for Bots to try and recoup their money (just like this person did), and allegedly is also where some Bots sell so they can reach a certain promotion in their MLM, a bonus, etc.  Products are often sold for lower than the recommended MLM price because that’s what the market will bear.   Read this.

And this.


HEY YOUNIQUE.  If you’re serious about empowering women instead of exploiting them at vulnerable times in their lives, how about buying back their unsold product so that they are not left out of pocket with a new baby?  






Newsflash: there is no training about products because YOU’RE NOT AN EMPLOYEE.  You’re also not a business “owner” of Younique.  You’re a freaking customer and customers don’t need that much training, do they?

And below, FINALLY.  Someone tries to talk some sense into these Bots who really deserve to be empowered by a company that is actually empowering women.  WE LOVE YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE. (See below).









Like our truth-teller said, one day they’ll realise the whole game is rigged.  We hope.





As always, when someone complains about how shite their MLM is someone else comes along to say how great THEIRS is and how their MLM would NEVER do that etc etc bs bs bs they’re all pretty much the same.






More attempted truth-telling below.





^^ We couldn’t agree more with what our truth-teller says.   Almost all the issues with MLMs come from them being MLMs, period fullstop the end.   The average products.  The pressure to recruit.  The poor and unprofessional management by the upline, who at the end of the day is just some chick who happened to jump on top of the triangle earlier than you.   Oh, and punishing people for selling on e-Bay? Come on Younique.  Ever tried doing a search on e-bay?  It’s freaking EVERYWHERE.

You know what’s empowering for women?  Telling the truth.  The truth is very fucking empowering, we think.

More to come on Younique tomorrow, including our first official complaint.  Stay tuned!


UPDATE: A supporter just sent us this:





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