Forever Living #Clean9 now NHS approved! And also Aloe gel helps with infertility


And the unbelievable health claims just keep coming…

Firstly, a quick word about infertility.  This is some serious, soul-wrenching, dark stuff that people have to deal with, and one of the hardest things about it is the loss of control people feel over what is supposed to be a natural function.   A loss that is thrown in your face everyday in the figures of pregnant women, babies, children, advertising, well-meaning questions and assumptions, etc etc etc.  We at Timeless Vie have experienced miscarriages and have had good friends go through this, and we know this is no small matter. It’s a huge deal.   For a couple struggling with infertility, it can become the major thing.  The biggest thing.  And the worst aspect of it is that there is only so much medical science can do: and they can do a LOT: but there are no guarantees.  There’s still that tiny aspect of the uknown, where you kind of have to recognise the limits of science and just HOPE.

Some people deal with the HOPE and the unknown with religion or faith.

Other people look for answers outside medical science.

That – looking for anwers outside of science –  is a huge opportunity for MLMs like Forever Living to step in and exploit that HOPE with some wonder potion.

Many thanks to our supporter for sending this in.









Seguing from infertility, apparently Forever Living’s “Clean9” is National Health Service approved!!!!!

Who knew??? No one at the NHS, we bet.





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