(Yo)unique – more complaints, more women being set up to fail, PART TWO.


Someone sent us this link:   it’s not easy to tell from the first screenshot, but one Younique Bot has been contacting other Younique bots’ friends to flog products WITHOUT ASKING.

Apparently, in spite of the fact all Bots are pushed to recruit and recruit against each other cos they’re all working in the same areas, it is SUPER NOT OKAY to do this and BAD MLMing.




she’s literally gone through my profile and added people that must of liked my things because my friend list is hidden!  I’ve reported her to Younique.  (who set this whole shitshow  up in the first place – Timelss Vie).




 Hide ya friends list hunnie xxxx




 Thanks for naming and shaming




Ok, we have a few things to say about the clusterfuck above.

Firstly, it makes us sad.

These women are fighting over Facebook friends’ lists like lipglossed-sharks in a barrel not because they are psycho (even if it appears that way) but because the whole system of recruiting and redirecting spending and false promises MLMs like YOunique rely on force them too.

To make real $$$, they HAVE TO RECRUIT.


And, as we know, no MLM ever gives a Bot a certain area to have control over and distribute product to.  Anyone can set up and recruit anywhere.     So, the  Bot HAS to go out and recruit their friends, neighbours, babysitters etc & thus spawn baby lipgloss-sharks left right and centre in their neighbourhood, because if they don’t, someone else will.   And thusly these recruits become their competitors (unless they are in the Bot’s downline, then that Bot gets a cut of the baby shark’s sales).   Now does it make sense?  FFS.

The flipside is that a Bot’s friendslist is literally her source of income.  It’s her money, rolled up in nice human-sized packages all over FB.   Hence the freaking out over other Bots daring to access it.

Aren’t you so glad to know we’re walking dollar signs?    Dang, girl.

Having said that, these women are being set up to fail, to fight over the same people, every one of them, including the horrible ‘friend stealer’ (who is just playing the game set up by Younique, really).

Don’t believe us about the recruiting? Check out this video we found (and added to, for educational purposes) about how to make money in Younique.



Now pleas like the one below make more sense, right?




Or this:



We are highly skeptical that women actually get £175 of makeup for £69 – we don’t know what the wholesale cost is of Younique make up so we really just have to take their word for it.  We’ve also heard that the marked down kit price is not really marked down – it comes with certain strings attached.  We are still working to nail down that story.

As well, we are continuing to investigate Younique’s ‘retreat” and also the owners themselves and their conservative religious beliefs.  We believe women have the right to know everything about the MLM they’ve signed up to.

More on that to come.


Luv ya huns….xo


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