MLM Expectation vs Reality

Another great post from Bot Watch – MLM Expectation – you know, all the BS promises in those memes shared on FB – vs Reality.


Screenshot 2016-05-03 20.03.15

There are endless statistics out there about how you will not earn money in an MLM, the evidence is overwhelmingly against joining one of these schemes.  But still people join. They respond to adverts, they listen to their friends and relatives who tell them it is a great opportunity. They are told all sorts of things.

This blog post examines the reality experienced by people who have left an MLM, namely Forever Living, although I suspect these experiences are shared across many MLMs. If you are thinking of joining an MLM, please take a moment to read what the reality is like. As described by successful MLMers who were being paid full time wages.

The Expectation- The hours will be part time. A typical claim is 5-10 hours a week.

The Reality- Much, much more than this.To get anywhere, to earn anything you need to put in serious hours. 12…

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