The Importance of Being Mormon: Younique

In this series of posts we explore the religious backgrounds of many of our favourite MLMs’ founders.  We think this is important to talk about for reasons we’ll get to later in the post.  But first, we want to make one thing clear: we don’t really care what religious beliefs someone has, but we do think when you are selling your MLM as a good, honest, ethical enterprise you should fully disclose your agenda.

For now, read on.

  1.  Younique.

According to Younique’s website, Younique was founded by a brother-sister team of Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft.  Derek is Founder and CEO, Melanie is “CoFounder” and “Chief Visionary Officer”.    Younique’s tagline is to “Ulift, Empower, and Validate” women.   Younique.

Sounds great, right?  Hitting all the YEAH THE WOMANZ POWER notes right there.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Derek and Melanie are both from Utah, a state where the majority (source: wikipedia) are Mormon.  Utah.

Brigham Young University and Rick’s College, the schools that they went to,  are both founded by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, aka the Mormons.  BYU

Rick’s College

BYU was recently in the news for shaming rape victims.

As is typical for a young man from the LDS church, Derek was a missionary.  For those unfamiliar with this, you can read more here at the LDS official site for missionaries.

He also wrote this book about his faith after cancer.

According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) of Utah, Derek and Melanie do not co-own Younique.  In fact, Derek is the only owner.


Could this be because the Mormon church sees a specific role for men and women?  Men are to be providers and “Priesthood” holders, women are to take care of the home.   Read some quotes below from about the Church’s stance on men and women to get a clearer picture of what we’re talking about.

Women do not hold the priesthood because the Lord has put it that way


And here’s some quotes from your typical, everyday, mostly white Mormon:

The priesthood is a tool and power that is the same power of the Savior….I would ue an analogy to compare the priesthood as a car….I don’t mind my husband driving and I can offer some navigation or work the radio…

That sounds very empowering, Kathryn!


Men, by nature, are not nurturers.  Women are….they give birth to children and nurture those dear ones to perpetuate the human race.


Women can bear and raise children, men provide and protect.


Okay, then.  So on the nature of male-female relationships, Mormons are very conservative, pretty much good old 1950’s morality.  But what about homosexual relationships?  What about gay marriage?

We’ll let answer that one for you too.

In the Bible Paul preached to the Romans that homosexual behaviour was sinful



and here’s some thoughts from some of your average Mormons:

I know that Heavenly Father has established a marriage to only be between a Man and a Woman….we have programs and things in the church that can help you ..

We wonder….like turning gay people straight programs?


Basically our belief about homosexuality and same sex marriage is that it is an abomination in God’s sight.


And here’s a self-hating gay man just to round things out 😦

I am sexually attracted to other males….I have grown so much spiritually as I have learned to deal with my same-sex attractions….


Poor barstard.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why we’re laying all this stuff out about Mormon beliefs.   Well, there’s a couple of reasons.  One we’ll deal with now is Younique’s “Foundation” which was allegedly set up to help women who were victims of sexual abuse as children.  This is an admirable goal, right ?    We did some checking into it and there is one thing that seemed a little…different.

Younique Foundation

There is a five step process women go through as part of their healing journey at the Retreat.  Most of it, we were delighted to see, does seem based on actual science and Younique is hiring real clinical professionals to help the women.  However, the 5th strategy for healing from sexual abuse gave us pause.


“All positive movement and creation in life is produced by faith”.  Um, really?  Some of us would beg to differ.   We also strongly disagree that faith ‘is the crossroad where science and spirituality meet’.    There’s absolutely no scientific evidence to back up that statement at all.

We have to question the agenda of the Younique foundation and where women who are non-religious, athiest, humanist, or just plain don’t give a shit fit in to their ‘healing’ model if the final requirement is faith.    Are they supposed to find faith while at Younique’s retreat?


And finally, we come to the money.  MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.

A true Mormon gives 10% of their income to the LDS Church.   In the Church, this is called “Tithing”.

The Church uses this money to: building temples, fund missionaries, etc. etc.


What this means is that Derek, Melanie and their families give 10% of their income..income gained from support a Church that believes women should be in the home; gay people are sinners; etc. etc.

Yes, Younique “Presenters”, that’s what you are doing.

It’s also what the British government is doing by letting the JSA be used to fund MLMs like Younique.   MLMs fleece the UK taxpayer.

Tomorrow we will continue our exploration of this topic and the possible implications for  Jamberry “Consultants’,   NuSkin, and Forever Living “FBOs” and we ask the question: why do these MLMs downplay their links to the Mormon faith?




  1. How utterly ridiculous and sinicle this article is!

    Whilst you dwell in negative thoughts, slandering and twisting the words of people truly dedicated to helping others, do you find joy? Do you find peace? Do you know what is it is like to be so truly happy, so truly content that even in your darkest moments, during your hardest challenges you know joy?

    I honestly pray that you find your way to a more positive outlook on life. I hope that you find a way to see the beauty rather than creating the ugly. This life is short, far too short not to see how beautiful it is.

    If you would like more accurate information on the subjects you claim to know about, I would be happy to have a conversation.

    Yours Faithfully

    A Younique Rep
    A Mormon Woman (a convert who thought I knew what happiness was, until I found the joy of the church)
    A Mother
    Ex Wife of a gay man.
    Happily not a priesthood holder
    A joyful tithe payer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aka brainwashed woman, you should read a book, instead of a bible, that’s why nobody wants to go to Utah, utah is beautiful but Mormons ruined it. When I found out that the Book of Mormon was written by an illiterate man, and that the church tried to cover it up buying it from mark Hoffman in the 80’s, made me laugh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What we find beautiful is truth, a value that’s sadly lacking in a lot of MLM companies. Someone has to tell it, so it may as well be us.


  3. This is the most biased BS I have ever read. I Never comment in blogs but this one deserved my comment. Woow maybe find something better to tall about other than bashing a foundation for being mormon. Thay same foundation you hate has helped many women including my family. Now before you go off on a crappy rant again, pick up a bloody bible which is what most people should do, and read about the church of Jesus many many years ago. Then ask yourself if you read anywhere in there that a women should have the preesthood. You will be surprised that the Mormon church is very close to Jesus original established church. Educate yourself with the free tools before you.


    • Everything on this post was sourced from the official LDS website, mormon wikipedia, etc. We think it’s important to highlight what the mormon church believes as money from multi-level marketing companies run by mormons will be going back into the church. The church openly admits on it’s website that it does not support gay marriage or rights, believes in a particular role for women, etc. If you have issues with this, may we suggest you take it up with the LDS church?

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      • This article is connecting dots that aren’t even in the same ball park. Sad to see a piece with many claims supported by little to no research. As an opinion piece, I’d hope that the author would be more forth coming in admittance of such. Many of the replies are equally niaeve.


  4. Is any of the information you have posted here been updated in the last 10, 20, 30 years? Did any of it come from active members of the LDS Church? Eomen are enciuraged to follow their dreams, whatever they maybe. Ricks Collage hasnt veen that for over 10 years, its now BYU Idaho and therecare no “turn you straight” programs and though it is in the bible that marriage is between a man and a woman, we embrace everyone and do indeed have gay members. The church has programs a counseling in place for rape victims and does not shame them…. You are clearly anti Mormon and that is your right. But get your facts straight.


    • Women are only allowed to have the dream of being a housewife and mother. So, yes. They’re encouraged to “follow their dreams”. But only the dreams they’re given.

      So, is it really a dream or is it a nightmare?

      I’ll give you a hint: following any dogmatic mythology is a nightmare. 🙂


  5. I am asap glad I abandoned Younique. I absolutely refuse to give ANY money to a business that promotes their religion. Religions need to DIE, not be fed money by unsuspecting consumers.


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