The Importance of Being Mormon: Jamberry, NuSkin, Forever Living

Our previous post on the Mormon roots, and Mormon religious beliefs, of some of our fave MLMs is here.


Today, we’re briefly focussing on Jamberry, NuSkin, and Forever Living.   In this post we’re going to give you links to articles for more in depth reading as well as screenshots of what we’ve found.


  1.  Jamberry

Jamberry was started by 3 sisters.



Interestingly, these are all the execs: a bunch of white dudes




According to, all 3 sisters (and their partners) are members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.





We couldn’t find any info on who actually owns the company, so this is unclear.


2. NuSkin


Mother Jones artice – NuSkin and Mitt Romney, former Presidential candidate




Mother Jones article – Nuskin & MLM schemes


Article about NuSkin founder Blake Roney and his new Mormon mission



Last paragraph of this article: Blake Roney


Another fluff piece from the Deseret News about Blake Roney


Blake Roney, Mission President





3.  Forever Living


Mormon Wiki: Rex Maughan




Rex and Ruth Maughn support BYU Television


Funding anti-LGBTQ campaign in Arizona







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