Aloepocalypse Now


Part I

We, the MLM resistance, take our mission and our research seriously.  We want  to help those who have been misled and lost money, time & friends, we want to raise awareness and lobby for change.  We are not in the business of lying to get our point of view across – our job is to be the voice of truth and transparency in a murky world full of exaggerated claims and underwhelming returns.

So with that said, please read on with an open mind and if you are involved in an MLM please challenge any official line that you may have been fed.  What we have to say is very important: we believe that Forever Living UK is about to reach market saturation point.

 We’ve been seeing the signs for some time now, but the process seems to be accelerating.  As we have discussed many times, we think that FLP (along with all the other MLMs) is a pyramid scheme, that the product involved is only there to give a veneer of legality and that the survival of the scheme depends on recruitment and personal expenditure.  As the pyramid grows, the market becomes saturated and it is increasingly difficult to recruit new members.  Without new members at the bottom, the revenue stream for those higher up dries out and the scheme collapses.

It is our opinion that Forever Living in the UK is getting perilously close to that point.  And what’s more, the senior personnel know that and are behaving accordingly.  Here’s why we think that we are right:


♦Repyramiding: When you get close to market saturation, there are 3 tried & tested ways to kick-start your pyramid scheme/MLM. We’ve outlined them below:


• Introduce a new, different product category (expensive – needs R&D investment etc) or go after a new target market.  .. oh, I don’t know… the equestrian market perhaps?

Forever living bot product training – aimed at horses


• Kickstart some quieter geographical locations with good demographic potential to wring out every last possible recruit before the inevitable collapse. We’ve been seeing a lot of senior bots being parachuted into towns and cities far outside of their usual patch to push, push, push…


• Head for ‘virgin territory’ where you can start from scratch – pure, untapped markets. Have you seen a flurry of photographs of senior bots on aeroplanes lately? Have you wondered why that might be? They are starting new teams so that they won’t be left high & dry.


Other signs: It’s not just the obvious & desperate repyramiding. We’ve also seen some significant changes to the FLPUK trading T&Cs lately that seem to point to the same conclusion.


• The reduction in the CC for recruitment. Yes, this was dressed up as market alignment with Europe, but what if it’s more than that?  We believe that this change is FLPUK acknowledging that it is getting harder & harder to recruit and so they want to refocus bots onto product sales because that is the only way to keep the revenue coming in.

•  The relaxation of rules regarding membership of other MLMs. Lots of bots have already jumped ship to Life Tree World and to Ariix, Juice Plus, Younique…  this is very, very tempting to those lower down the pyramid who simply cannot recruit or make enough sales and to those higher up who can see what is coming and want out now.  Allowing FLP bots to be members of more than one scheme smacks of desperation on FLPUK’s part.  But at this point, they probably are


All of these signs point to a scheme being close to saturation and therefore close to collapse.  In Part II we’ll explore what the implications are and how it might impact on those involved.

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