Aloepocalypse Part Deux

In Part I we set out our reasons for believing that FLP is reaching market saturation here in the UK.  If you missed it, read it here.  In this post, we’re going to outline what the likely outcome of this is going to be for FBOs at different levels.


Top Bots:


As we’ve seen, the poster girls (and boys) of FLP UK are already being handed their next revenue stream.  Whether its an under-exploited region of the UK or a brand new European Market, these stars of the FLM world have achieved cult status and are being well looked-after by FLP.  If their businesses were to crash or if they were to defect, it would be a PR disaster and would precipitate the catastrophic crumbling of the entire pyramid.  So don’t waste your energy worrying about them. Yet.


Moderate Bots:


You know, the ones with a decent downline, the ones who get the slightly/very disappointing Chairman’s Bonus cheques, the ones who have worked stupid hours and sometimes been badly treated by the bots above…  You know who you are.


What happens when your revenue stream dries up? As recruitment rates fall, the bottom layer of the pyramid will disappear.  Your team will have to focus on selling product and we all know how hard this is and how low the returns are.  And remember – it’s now ok for your team to run a Life Tree World, Younique or Ariix business too, so they might not be 100% committed to Aloe any more.


…and then your commission cheques start to get smaller and smaller. And more team members drop out and you can’t replace them.  You apply as much pressure as you can, but you know how hard it is to sell in meaningful volumes outside of the scheme.  The product is too expensive, the company has a bad reputation because of negative articles in the media and awareness efforts by ‘keyboard warriors’ ,the only significant sales come from FBOs and their families.


…and what happens about meeting the lease payments on that big, white 4 x4? Or the rent on that impressive house?  The school fees? And how do you feel about pushing your few, loyal remaining team members to buy product so that you can meet your targets and get your cheques? Because they won’t have a hope in hell of recruiting a significant team of their own now, the market is past that point.


What on earth are you going to do?  That ‘residual income’ dream that you were sold, what has happened to that?  What about the ‘willable income’ that was going to secure your children’s future…?


Starter Bots:


Let’s be honest, drop out rates are already high and a peak market will only enhance that.  Most will pay their £200, realize that they will never make that money back and leave, having been told that they are uncoachable failures.  In some ways they are the lucky ones – hopefully they will drop out when their personal losses are in the low £ hundreds and whilst they still have their dignity & self-belief intact.


Advice to All FLP Bots:


Our intention isn’t to scaremonger.  We don’t want to gloat, we want to help you.  Please consider this a wake-up call: the business model is NOT sustainable and all signs point to the scheme accelerating towards its end.  We are telling you the facts that FLPUK will not, as it is not in their interests.  They are looking after a few selected Chosen Ones and the rest of you will have to pick up the pieces yourselves.


So take control.  We are constantly impressed by your work ethic and dedication towards a company that gives most of its scheme-members very little and takes so much.  You are resourceful, you are hard-working, you are determined.  Use the skills you have learned, harness that ability to work as a team or lead a team and start looking for another better, sustainable way to earn a living.  Don’t join another MLM. You are capable of so much more and you deserve so much better.


And we are here to listen and to support you.

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