GORGEOUS BOWS!! check out this truly independent small business run by a Mum

Today  we are going to add something new to Timeless Vie –  we are going to start showcasing small, woman-owned businesses across all our social media(s).

We don’t just want to campaign  against MLMs, we also want support women starting their own real businesses as a better alternative to exploitative MLM.  We are hoping that by doing this we can encourage other women to start their own businesses as well.

We also want to give back to our community and our supporters.  We could not have done this without you, so this is part of our thankyou.

Today we showcase our first shop ever, Martha’s Bows

Martha’s Bows can also be found Etsy, FolksyFacebook and Instagram.  They are made by Emily, who is Martha’s Mum.  We think they’re awesome.   Feel free to share her stuff to your friends (she promises she won’t steal your friend list, add them to a brazillion FB groups or stalk them).


xo Luv ya huns.


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