Mummy Guilt-trip MLM Meme of the Week and why MLMs want you to feel guilty for working

Vom.  And more vom with a side dish of vom.




The real issue here is that many women (and men) find it hard to get flexible work.   Maternity pay is not high enough for people to survive.  Instead of addressing these social issues, though, our governments would rather just pretend that MLM fulfils those needs.   They happy to stand back  and not look too hard:  at:  women being screwed over trying to make money rather than actually making money.  They are happy to keep pretending it’s all above board and legit.

MLMs know this.  We have been told by an informer they know it and they exploit it, deliberately.

From an informer:




They (MLMs) are counting on typical workplaces & nurseries charging obscene fees to stop women from reaching their full potential…..& all too often they (women: Timeless Vie) get sucked into this pyramid/funnel/hellhole scheme.


We get it.  We’ve been new mothers ourselves.  We remember the rush of hormones, of love, all of it.   We’ve all felt the financial pressures, the love of work, the love of family, the insane busyness, the inner conflict.   But the answer is not MLM.  We deserve better.

Remember this next time you see a “mummy stay home and do MLM” meme, don’t feel guilty.  Feel the rage.   THe MLMs WANT you to feel bad, and they want your money.  They don’t actually want your workplace to change or for your mat leave pay to rise.  They don’t ACTUALLY care about women’s issues.   Don’t forget many MLMs are from very conservative religious communities like this one.

They want you to stay home and be someone’s good, obediant little downline.

(we have no issue with SAHMs, btw.  We’ve done it ourselves).





More to come on why the UK (and many other) governments love to not look to closely at MLM.

#MLMisafeministissue. #MLMisasocialissue.