“My friend threatened to never speak to me again unless I unliked the page” – women talk about losing friends to MLM


One of the saddest parts of MLM is how it turns formerly good friends into Bots, Bots who suddenly spout scripted lines and are obsessed with “building their team”.  Not many friendships can survive this without a. joining in or  b. unfriend/unfollow/block/delete/”sorry I’m busy forevers”

We’ve heard a lot from ex-friends of Bots about how their friend has changed, how they don’t talk anymore, how much they miss them.    This aspect isn’t talked about much but it should be, so, as a result, we’ve been collecting friend-loss stories for some time.   This will be the first in an on-going series.

First story: a friend watches her bestie become an FLbot.




As a friend I thought this was great, I learnt she had found Forever living and it’s the beest thing since sliced Avocado. (yum – Timeless Vie).






My friend told me this was a day of training, there was no training





she is a year down the line, renting a 4 bed detached which is stupidly expensive but it made a good photo to put on FB   (fake it till u make it – Timeless Vie)





And another very short story 😉

My friend threatened to never speak to me again unless I unliked the page (Timeless Vie FB page – TV)



We’ve had many people tell us they can’t “like” our page because of Bot Friends like the one above.

We will do a proper post about how to deal with someone who’s been Embotted, but for now here’s our advice:

  1. Talk to them about what they used to do before they joined MLM.  Remind them of fun memories you have together.
  2. Criticise MLM in general, not their specific MLM (it’ll get their back up and they’ll shut down)
  3. You can try telling them you’d love to see them but there can be no discussion of their MLM
  4. Remind them of the goals they used to have before MLM


luv ya huns.  xxx


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