We help the DSA with the wording of their documents. You’re welcome.


For those who don’t know, the DSA (Direct Sales Association) is the industry “face” of MLM in the UK.  The UK DSA website is here.  There are similar organisations in Australia, the EU, NZ, Canada and the US.   The DSA has some uber honest members like Forever Living, Vemma (pretty scammy) and Herbalife (this rich guy thinks Herbalife is a pyramid scheme). So, like, the DSA is a totally a reliable source of info, right?   They do things like lobby the government for MLMs   ‘direct sellers’ and fight legislation.   If you want more info, you can read their AGM report here:  DSA – 2013 AGM Booklet

We’re going to go more in-depth on the DSAs, but for now, we’re just going to take a look at a phrase we saw over and over again on DSA reports in the UK, EU, USA, etc.  Example here on the bottom of the page: 2012_stat_general_presentation27062013_xls

The phrase, in ittle bittle teeny weeny writing you basically have to read with a magnifying glass, is this:






Here it is again, in big font so everyone can read it:

(5) Direct sellers are career-minded entrepeneurs building their own business…or part-time entrepeneurs earning extra income.  Of this diverse group, many were customers of the products/services prior to becoming a company representative.  As Direct Sellers, all enjoy significant discounts and in fact, some choose to only enjoy and use the discounted products and decide not to sell at all.


Okay, so, we thought we’d help the DSAs out a bit by adding some wording to the phrase to more accurately reflect what we’ve learned here at TV.     Here it is, the new, updated weasel word phrase.


More to come on the DSA.

Luv ya huns! xx



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