Creating MLM-free spaces – how you can help

Creating MLM-free spaces


Following the eye-opening Daily Mail report about MLMs recruiting in branches of Barclays, we decided that it’s time to do something about creating safe-spaces free from MLMs, and we need your help!


Sadly, Barclays is not alone in being hoodwinked by such schemes.  We hear on a daily basis of stands appearing in hospitals, school fairs, village fetes and other community events. Given everything that we know about how theses schemes recruit, mislead, pressurize, bully, and take financial advantage of participants, we are encouraging you to lobby for their exclusion.


We’ve drafted a template letter for you to adapt and use and would urge you to get complaining.  If you can, encourage sympathetic neighbours & friends to do the same thing  – the more voices, the louder we shout, the more likely we are to be heard.


We want to start keep track of our successes, so tell us who you are writing to and what the response is.  With your help, we can protect more people from MLMs.




Template Letter:


To Whom It May Concern


I would like to make a formal complaint about the inclusion of (insert MLM here) in (Insert event name here) which took place on (insert date here).


(MLM Name) is a type of product-based pyramid scheme which relies on recruiting new participants who have to purchase products to join.  They recruit primarily by falsely suggesting that large incomes and dream lifestyles can be earned for minimal time input. They aggressively target people from all walks of life, but particularly the financially vulnerable and mothers of young children. The statistical reality is that the vast majority of victims who join these schemes invest heavily both in terms of money and time and see very little or no return for their efforts. Many participants lose a great deal of money.


I am strongly of the opinion that (MLM Name) should not be permitted to exhibit and recruit in community spaces/at community events as you have a duty of care to visitors and staff that is being breeched by exposing them to such companies and their practices. Whilst technically legal, such schemes regularly misrepresent the truth and emotionally manipulate people for money.


If you require additional information, please visit  I look forward to your confirmation that we will not see (MLM name) at future events.


Yours sincerely,

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