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Ethan Vanderbilt talks about getting someone out of an MLM here


1.  Keep your expecations low – i.e.  don’t aim to get them out of the MLM.  We understand you want them out, like, STAT, because it’s like they’ve been taken over by zombies, but you need to let that dream go.


2.  Realise you’re in this for the long haul.  It’s going to take more the one chat to help them see what the MLM is doing to them.


3. DO NOT ACT AS IF THEY ARE STUPID AND YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THEM. DO NOT DO IT.  DO NOT.  Trust us on this.  Remember your friend has been subjected to  mind games.


4.  Know your enemy.  Learn about MLMs.  We have a ginormous list of blogs and resources, start there.


5.   Be kind to yourself.  It can be difficult dealing with a loved one in an MLM, and watching them be pulled in further and further, so be gentle with yourself.


6. Realise your friend is not who they used to be.  Again, they’ve been mindset-trained to fuck, so you need to tread carefully.


7.  DO NOT CRITICISE THEIR MLM.  If you have to, criticise another MLM instead.


8.  Don’t buy their products or join their team.  Two reasons: 1. you are supporting MLMs and their unethical ‘business’ model by doing so and you don’t want that; and 2. you will be subjected to the same tactics as they were to draw you in.  Don’t do it.


9.  Keep in contact at a distance.  Keep the door open to them, while protecting yourself from MLM BS.   By doing so they may come to you if they start having doubts/need support.


10.  Talk about things you used to do with them, shared memories etc.  Remind them of life before MLM.


11.  Talk about their new life from another angle.  I.e. instead of saying “wow you are posting on social media like all the days, like, oMG” say something like “what have you been doing with the kids lately?” or “what does your boyfriend think about all this”  but be careful.




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  1. Spot on. This is the same as trying to get someone out of a cult – don’t directly criticise the MLM or your friend- this will immediately cue in their cult mind set defence mechanisms. Just like getting someone out of any cult- it’s a tricky task that required patience and care. Victims have a lot of time, money and belief invested in this- it’s very hard to let it go.


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