“If you do this before the end of the month, then I will pay you £500” – how top FL bots pay people to resign.

Many thanks to the informer who sent this in.

First, some background: the Bot who wrote the following post/messages is very high up in FLP UK, and presents herself as a hard-working single mother who wants to help others achieve the same business success.  It’s classic MLM targeting.  However, as we shall see, she along with others has achieved this ‘success’ in unethical ways.  Ways that your average Bot, slogging away on a housing estate, probably has no idea about (and then wonders why they can never get ahead).

Note: We have reliable information Forever Living is NOT the only MLM to do this.  Please do not assume your MLM is any better, cos it most likely isn’t.

Here’s how she sells herself: LIVIN’ THE DREAM, Y’ALL




In the following messages this Bot offers to pay-off an “inactive Manager” so she can take over that Manager’s downline and the money she could earn from it.

Note: “Inactive Manager” = a Bot who has previously achieved Manager status but now is not spending money every month on FL products to stay “active”.  i.e. they are not a real Manager at all.  FL could call them a “Kite Flyer” and it would be about as meaningful.

1cc used to = £227 pounds.  So the “Manager” would have had to spend £908 per month to keep their status.










FLPUK 4cc incentive doc

How to retail 8CC huns!


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