Looking for a unique gift?Check out these gorgeous custom boxes

It’s Real Small Business Friday!

Today we introduce Ty Hapus , a small, family-owned company that produces beautiful boxes from reclaimed wood.



Ty-Hapus can be found on Etsy at the link above.

Helen and her partner Chris started the business by accident.  One day, Chris saw a vid on the ‘net about making items from pallet wood and decided to try it out with some old pallets they had left over.  He made 3 boxes and a table.  All the items sold quickly at a local car boot sale.

A local shop was so impressed by the quality that Chris and Helen were asked to supply it with more items, and they did that for a while.  Then, they discovered Etsy and opened their own on-line shop there.  They feel very lucky that their products have been so well received.  (In our opinion luck has little to do with it.  You provide a good product, people will buy it 🙂  ).

Says Helen, “it’s really helped our family out through some tough financial times and we are now in our 4th year of business.”

As with all Timeless Vie featured businesses, no vulnerable people were targeted or exploited in the creation of this business and Ty-Hapus is 100% MLM-free.



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