5 Short Facts about Maelle

1. Maelle was set up in Utah, USA just 5 months ago.   For more info on MLMs and Utah, read this and this.



2. One of the founders used to work for Younique



3.  New “Mentors” (the name for the Maelle Bots) are being charged $10 EACH to meet the owners and see the products at a club in Salt Lake City, Utah.  So high-classy, no?




4.  It costs £59 or $89 USD to become a Maelle Bot. Bot Starter Kit #lossbabe.  They claim the usual things -it’s worth hundreds of pounds more!  The training is OMGface! etc etc.


5. It’s an MLM, just like all the rest.  We believe 90% of new Maelle Bots will be #lossbabes 😦


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