Younique: Ships Don’t Lie

Younique is a Mormon-owned makeup multi-level marketing ‘business’ out of Utah, and we’ve written about them before here and here.

One of the lines Younique reps/bots like to spin is the “it’s such amaaazing quality, huns!” as they fling younique products at you on Instagram.   But the truth is, it’s not – it’s not worth the price.  Real makeup artists know this.  Any half-decent makeup group knows this and bans Younique reps –  like Mrs Gloss & the Goss, a group also mentioned by British Beauty Blogger here.   Apparently the only people who don’t know this are Younique’s prey – the women trying to sell it.

And how do MUAs and anybody seriously into makeup know this?  Ships.  Ships don’t lie.

According to Port Examiner, Younique has been regularly importing products from China, Hong Kong, and Italy for years.


  1. They use the contract manufacturer Regi SRl in Italy for cosmetics





2.  Regi SRL also provides cosmetics for other small brands like Julep Beauty, Laura Geller…and a company called “HCT Packaging”.







3.  Younique gets packaging from China & Hong Kong







So, if you’re a Younique bot you’re probably thinking SO WHAT HATERS.   Well, if you’re charging £30 pounds for a pot of moisturizer, you should really be of a higher quality.    Like MAC.  Or Bobbi Brown (we put “bobbi brown” into the port examiner website and found shipping from Germany only, but nothing recently, as befits a brand that manufactures it’s own cosmetics in North America).   Or (insert name of decent makeup brand here).  For cheap packaging and contract cosmetics, your price point should be a lot lower.   But as we know, it’s not really about the products – it’s about the Younique rep buying the products, buying the hype, and believing she can make money by selling them and #stayhomewiththekids.

Hence the mahoosive price disconnect.




Younique.  Totally not worth it for the price.





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