Younique: “raise awareness of sexual abuse” by buying our makeup, y’all

But shouldn’t you tell people if the money ISN’T actually going to fight sexual abuse?

Here’s the ad:



But…the money ‘raised’ by the bundle isn’t going to charity:





For those of you whose eyes glaze over at the sight of FB screenshots, here’s what happened:

  • Younique releases “Defend Innocence” bundle with special makeups & stuff to ‘raise awareness’.  Bots and customers are under the impression any money raised will go to the Younique Foundation, cos why would you do it otherwise? Right? Right? AmIrite?
  • Turns out no money is going to the Foundation cos IRS blah blah blah
  • Unless you round up your purchases to the nearest dollar/or just give Younique your commission (if you’re a rep).  Classy.
  • People are pissed off & feel used
  • Younique apologizes but does nothing … like, say, giving the money raised to one of the many other charities that support victims of rape and abuse.


  • Younique makes major coin from people’s goodwill.


Here are some charities that actually help victims of rape and sexual abuse in the UK, and who are currently looking for donations.  We’re sure they’d be glad for some of the money you raised from “defending innocence”:

The Survivors Trust

Another list of charities working in the area of sexual abuse

Looking forward to those donations.

You’re welcome.



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