Younique: “raise awareness of sexual abuse” by buying our makeup, y’all

But shouldn’t you tell people if the money ISN’T actually going to fight sexual abuse?

Here’s the ad:



But…the money ‘raised’ by the bundle isn’t going to charity:





For those of you whose eyes glaze over at the sight of FB screenshots, here’s what happened:

  • Younique releases “Defend Innocence” bundle with special makeups & stuff to ‘raise awareness’.  Bots and customers are under the impression any money raised will go to the Younique Foundation, cos why would you do it otherwise? Right? Right? AmIrite?
  • Turns out no money is going to the Foundation cos IRS blah blah blah
  • Unless you round up your purchases to the nearest dollar/or just give Younique your commission (if you’re a rep).  Classy.
  • People are pissed off & feel used
  • Younique apologizes but does nothing … like, say, giving the money raised to one of the many other charities that support victims of rape and abuse.


  • Younique makes major coin from people’s goodwill.


Here are some charities that actually help victims of rape and sexual abuse in the UK, and who are currently looking for donations.  We’re sure they’d be glad for some of the money you raised from “defending innocence”:

The Survivors Trust

Another list of charities working in the area of sexual abuse

Looking forward to those donations.

You’re welcome.



      • Oh, well you just admitted that you have no facts. Stop spreading lies, especially if you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about 😂


      • Everything I posted is from younique and most definitely NOT a lie. But, as you are a younique rep, I know this is challenging for you to read. I recommend reading our other post on Network marketing and mothers about how well Younique reps actually do at the bottom of the triange. Hint: not well.


      • When you have proper facts, have experienced younique, and know what actually goes on — then you can talk to me about what you “know” 😛


      • We have all the info we need. We’ve read the compensation plan, which proves you need to recruit people to make the real money, and had women come to us who have lost money flogging younique shite in areas that are over-run with younique reps. And that’s not even getting into their dubious charity claims. Did you know younique’s charity does not meet standards for transparency as suggested by BBB? Here’s the link:


  1. Thanks for giving me the chance to share yet more info in public about dodgy younique. IF people wish to help women in UTah, there are actual charities there that are much better placed to do so, and don’t require you to molest your eyes with shitty mascara.


  2. BB if you’re really interested which I doubt, we have plenty of info on Younique on our FB, this blog etc, including a video from a younique rep talking about how important recruiting is, as well as insider info from Younique FB groups. But you’re not really interested are you?


  3. ONe final thing for any Younique rep coming here and trying to defend them – please show me in your compensation plan the following things:
    -That you don’t have to recruit to make it to a higher status
    -That you don’t have to spend $$ to get a starter kit to make it to White status
    -That you are given a certain geographic area to sell in, so you don’t have to worry about competing with a brazillion other reps
    -That you don’t have to spend (“generate”) a certain amount of sales in a given timeframe to stay ‘active’
    -That Younique’s charity is fulfilling an unmet need and is transparent, ethical, and obeys UK law regarding charities.

    Looking forward to your responses.


  4. My friend just posted on FB about having attended the retreat as an abuse survivor. It was powerful and beautiful, and several others commented about the impact it had on them as well.

    Regardless of this particular campaign’s successes and failings, the foundation and retreat are a wonderful thing ❤


  5. The creators of Younique actually made the company FOR The Younique Foundation, which they have created as well. They use their own money to keep the Younique Foundation going, and as much as they’d like to donate ALL the money from their business to their Foundation, they cannot. Because the IRS doesn’t allow that. They only allow people’s own businesses to donate a certain amount. So it’s not “IRS- blah blah blah.” It’s “if you don’t understand that, do some fucking research!”

    These people are not the bad guys. They literally made the Younique Foundation. They help women constantly. For you and everyone else here saying they use their Foundation to make more money— they actually made the business FOR their Foundation. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Celebrities all over have their own organizations and foundations, and they still rich. They aren’t donating everything to their nonprofits. Difference is, they got rich- thennn decided to do good. The Maxfields wanted to do good before they got rich. So, I mean, in the end- what are YOU doing for the world? Oh? Less than the Maxfields? Okay then. Stfu.

    These people are amazing. You need to check yourselves big time.

    Let’s be positive and spread happiness and positivity. Not shit on everything that’s good.

    Have a blessed year, everyone!!!! Stay Beautiful and remember to Uplift, Empower, and Validate!


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