The Timeless Vie™ Inaugural 2016 Belated Xmas Shopping Guide – 100% MLM free!!!!

Better late than never, right viestars?

Here’s our list of network-marketing free businesses run by our fabulous viestars and manhuns.  Go, shop, enjoy and know you are putting pounds into the hands of good people, not multizillionaires from Utah.  YAY!

Looking for bespoke wooden boxes, trunks or chests? Click here.



Someone you know a fitness fiend?  Get them personal training for Chrissy!


What could be more magical than a magical Santa Selfie??


OR…some gorg baby and toddler organic leggings?


How about some handmade, hand-drawn jewellery?


Beautiful & original silver pieces?


Hand-made carpet bags? COME ON. BUY these right now.


This vie-mum has steadfastly refused to join an MLM, and she makes these



Someone you love want some contouring?


Hula hoops and hoop wear, hula your way to Chrissy cheer – check it out


Accessories for your dog BFF

Perhaps a spa gift, a pamper, a preen. Xmas is your time to sheen


And at the end, a set of professional photos to capture the Xmas spend…(just kidding)




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