We like to keep track of what MLMs are up to and take the piss…just a little bit.  Hence we made up our own MLM, Timeless Vie – with a ginormous product line of things made from parsley.  You’ll love it!!!! #mlm

We also want to provide a safe, anonymous space for people to talk about the MLM-bots in their lives – friends, family members, and coworkers who used to be normal but now leave product samples everywhere they go, try and get you to join their ‘team’, etc.

We need help keeping tracking of all the hilarious and outrageous bullshit MLM bots say on social media, so if you can, feel free to send us anything you find.  You can contact us via email at: timelessvie@gmail.com, Facebook or Twitter , or comment on this website.

You take the screenshot, we promise to remove any identifying features (unless you’re okay with that).

Part of an MLM and want to escape?  We are here to support you without judgement.  Don’t feel ashamed, you are a victim too.  Feel free to DM us on FB or Twitter if you’re not ready to go public.

Lost a friend or family member to an MLM?  Come chat to us here


Note on photos: we see people caught up in MLMs as victims as well as “Bots”.  Hence, we’ve labelled them as victims wherever possible while highlighting their bot-like behaviour.


Note on our articles: we are not journalists but are trying to find out more information about how MLMs really operate, so A. people can make educated decisions and B. we can campaign against MLMs more effectively.


Journalists: happy to help journalists with any stories they may be working on re: MLM.  Just drop us a line.








  1. Just to say I like what your’e doing. I have never been in an MLM, but I’m getting very irritated, angry even, about the whole sordid industry. I have done some research so I hope to contribute.

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  2. I once had a message out of the blue from an old college friend who was pushing Forever Living…we went for a coffee and she asked me to join, when I told her no and that I couldn’t afford it (I was too polite to say “no hun I don’t want to join your pyramid scheme”) she suggested I take out a credit card to cover the initial £200 cost of the starter kit!

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  3. My friend has been selling nuskin. she doesn’t have many friends posting or commenting on her facebook as a rule but i noticed lots of people commenting positive things and asking for more info when she posted about a product. One person I’ve never heard of before posted a pic on my friends wall of herself using a product she supposedly bought off my friend saying thanks and how good it was. I clicked on this person to see that she sells this product herself! I went back and clicked on every like and comment and they were all out of the same team. It looked like there was major interest but in reality it was just upline and downline commenting.


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