Need help leaving an MLM?

Don’t feel ashamed.   You were lied to.

“Social selling” businesses like Arbonne, Younique, Forever Living etc blame victims for losing money or not being successful, when in reality most people who join will lose money (see blogroll on the left for more information, or scroll down for a real life example).   You may feel that it’s your fault, that you didn’t work hard enough, that you could have done more.  We’re here to tell you that it’s bollocks.  There is nothing you could have done.  MLMs like these rely on people’s shame and embarrasment to keep the con going.

If you are now in debt due to an MLM, a great resource can be found here

Need emotional support?  Feel free to contact us privately either via our Facebook page or Twitter.  We won’t be able to solve all your problems but we are willing to listen and without judgement.  Also read this excellent post from Bot Watch


Below are some screenshots of an ex-bot who is trying to move on from Forever Living, and so, is selling her old FL stuff.  We removed her name and that of her friend who also seems to be trying to get out.    We’ve also highlighted the response from her upline, Nicola, as we think it’s very telling.

We hope things go well for both ex-bots xo.
































  1. Just because YOU failed at a MLM doesn’t mean they will. I’ve failed at two but now I’ve made $12,000 in 3 months. You should give it another try. You would be a lot happier. Everything you write about is negative. News flash. People want to feel good and read about positive topics. Not the miserable life you live everyday. So, get over it and get a real story to write about. Clearly you need new inspiration. I feel so bad for you. To all of the MLM out there, there’s a lot of money to be made. More than what you would make at your 9-5 unless you were a brain surgeon. So go on, get a new life and stop bringing people down. Clearly that brings you joy in life and that is so sad that anyone is living like this. Wow. What you can do for this girl is pray for her. She’s caught in a vicious cycle of jealousy and she can’t escape.


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