Why we think you’ll LOSE your money in an MLM

Firstly, WATCH THIS:



MLMs,  “network marketing” or “social selling”, “attraction marketing”  or  whatever phrase they call it now – will most likely lead to you losing money.

We don’t care what they tell you.  It’s all bullshit.   They know there are unmet needs in UK society and they know how to exploit them – the unmet needs being people in poorly paid or stressful jobs looking for a way out, mums who want to stay home but need to make money, etc.

Some points to think about:


    • If the products are so amazing, why don’t they flog them on Amazon? Or Boots?  etc.


Ultimately, this is how they control information about their products.  So that way people find it much harder to compare overpriced MLM product to just as good cheaper product out in the real world.  In other words, it’s easier to suck peoople in.


    •  Try reading the fine print of the payment plan you’ve signed up to. Why is it so freaking hard to understand? WHY?   Example below:


example of forever living younique herbalife juice plus IT works


We believe the payment plan is designed to be really really hard to understand because they don’t want you to understand it.  Just sit with that for a bit…..

It’s a deliberate tactic, so that when you fail to make any money (which you will,  unfortunately, we promise) they can blame it on you by claiming you didn’t exactly follow the instructions in the payment plan.   Even though the payment plan is really hard to understand.   Basically if you don’t make any money, it’s always your fault.


  •  Someone asks a bot the price of a product and his/her response is: “Inbox me hun” – what’s that about?  Why can’t they just STATE THE PRICES IN PUBLIC? Again, we think this is deliberate control of information.  Note: not all MLMs do this, but many do.


  • If it’s just about selling the products, why do you need to recruit a “TEAM”?


They are so keen on recruiting for this reason: it’s part of an MLM to have to buy a certain amount of products every month for your own personal use (‘redirect your spending’) as well as recruit others to do the same.  The more people doing this in your ‘team’, the more money you’re going to make off them and therefore your upline is going to make from YOU.    This is why recruiting a team is so important and why bots are put under so much pressure to recruit.    And if everyone does this merrily imagining they’re all making money, it’s fantastic for the MLM owners whose products are getting sold for crazy high $$$.

Think of it this way: if they really wanted to support you to sell their products, wouldn’t they give you a certain area to sell into – say, Slough – and not let anyone else compete with you?  Wouldn’t that make more sense?  So instead of having a brazillion competitors (who may also be your recruits) anyone who wanted your product would just come to you because you were the only seller in that area?   That way you could make some actual money, maybe?

But it’s not about supporting you.  It’s about exploiting you.






    •  But [insert name here] has made a 6 figure income!!!


Ask the bot to prove it, because sometimes they lie.  Be warned: you will probably be blocked/defriended/ignored.  Don’t be offended, it means you’re onto something.  Even better, you can check yourself.




And finally


  • My bot says XYZ MLM product will cure my {insert disease here}.  


Seriously, if anybody claims their product will help with disease, cure, etc, anything, ask them for the link to the peer-reviewed scientific study in a reputable medical journal – like the BMJ.  Handy link to the British Medical Journal here.

We 100% guarantee they will not be able to do this.  Because it’s bullshit.  Think about it: do you REALLY want to be part of a company that is unethical, lies, and targets the vulnerable?  You deserve better.

For more excellent information on why you will lose money in your MLM READ THIS.

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